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Our company was lost without iPoint.  The technicians we worked with and the administrative support has been above other vendors and software we have used previously.

What we love the most is the simplicity of the user interface.


What is iPoint?

iPoint is a world leader in design, engineering and production of high quality surveillance systems and supporting solutions. iPoint has 21 years of technology experience designing tailored solutions to the specific needs of business, education and government environments. With our IP solutions iPoint can provide a high level of proactive security and surveillance solutions . We generate actionable intelligence and deliver it to the appropriate personnel who can take immediate action. Unlike other video systems that merely record and playback, we provide motion, sound, light and existing contact detection and tracking.

iPoint has developed an extremely flexible video surveillance systems that can be seamlessly integrated into a wired or wireless backbone system. The iPoint product provides a cost-effective, low maintenance, networked, systems with extensive video storage, retrieval, and data manipulation capabilities with real time viewing and video playback options.

Our digital video security and surveillance solutions are scalable to deal with the many sizes and types of facilities in the government and public sector. Regardless of size or geography, our solutions can manage your video security needs. Where appropriate, the individual facilities can be networked together and monitored and managed centrally, helping to reduce staffing costs. Since our solutions are based on open standards, they utilize existing IT and security infrastructures, reducing the costs and complexities of deployment and continued operation.

Timely Support

All of our iPoint technicians are available when you need them.

Innovative Ideas

We will keep your technology up to date and offer ideas to better serve your needs and wants of you business.

Advanced Technology

iPoint Cloud Solutions are above your standard video system.  Browse through our knowledge base and learn more.

Clear Communication

No more having to talk to agents through the computer or telephone.  Our Technicians will visit your site and completely diagnose your situation.

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